Earning a Masters Degree

I need to finish my Masters’ Thesis with dedication! It is much more difficult to keep the same level of effort in an unstructured setting than in a normal classroom setting. Last semester I took the most difficult class ever, Underwater Acoustics I. Exams were take-home and the worst of the three required 60 hours of work to complete (for an “80” on that one, too)! Yet I did complete the exams, enjoyed the class, and did well in the class (“A,” which means something somewhat different than an undergrad “A”). Now, my drive is waning and I’m obviously searching for new activities to grab my interest.

What prevents me from mastering one activity? Once I have enough skill in something to truly be considered a student, I’m off to something new. At work my primary job has been in network engineering. I work on Cisco routers at a high level and often troubleshoot and design different networks. I can’t say I’ve completely mastered them, and I’m already seeing my interests divert to other types of tasks (I’m currently learning a lot of C# for a special project and for my masters degree in Electrical Engineering).

At home my gratest ability was with the game “Go.” This is an ancient Chinese board game popular in East Asia (some professionals make up to US$500,000). I’m far from my greatest possible strength (which is not even close to those professionals), but I stopped studying and playing. At least this shift made sense as I quit in favor of earning my degree. Now, however, I’m plagued with a number of interests which, while fledgling, are worthy of near-mastery.

I need to complete my degree soon (I plan to graduate Spring 2010) so I can concentrate fully on the learning of one skill or art form.


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