Here’s what’s wrong with Google+

Google+ doesn’t work correctly.

I just added a shared circle of Kindle Fire users and what’s in the stream? Some of the same sorts of things in my brewing and photography circles… SOPA commentairy, funny pictures, cute cats, etc.

Why doesn’t G+ work?

Let’s walk through the process…

1. Someone gets put in my Cat Fanciers circle (note: I’m a dog person)
2. This person is a cat lover and a political activist.
3. I am not in this person’s Cat circle (if she even has one… how can I tell?)
4. She posts about SOPA and I see it.

She may be “incorrectly” posting to public, but that should mean I don’t see posts I want to see, not that I do see posts I’m not interested in!

Here’s how it should work:

1. I visit a known cat-lover’s page. I see she has a “My Cats” feed as well as a “Stupid Republicans” feed (sorry Republicans!)
2. I subscribe to her cat feed and put it in my “Cat Stuff” circle.
3. I do not subscribe to her public or political feed. If I were her father, maybe I’d want to subscribe to Public and see everything.
4. If she posts Cat stuff to just Public, I don’t see it.
5. If she posts Political stuff to “My Cats,” I do see it and promptly remove her from my circle.


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