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Resisting Equilibrium

I have reached the first point where I want to return to equilibrium. I have been exercising nearly daily for about three weeks and, aside from a couple of minor pitfalls, I am doing well. Now I’m plagued with thoughts about not wanting to continue with my nutrition plan. My body is giving me feedback about the exercise I’ve been doing, though I’ve been pushing through. Now it’s time to review how I’ve been doing and adjust.

My failings have been fairly minor, one day events. A work outing with beer, snack food, and grilled meat; a work lunch with high calorie and hard-to-record food; and a family birthday party with pizza and snack food have all passed by, yet I’ve managed to progress. This sort of event occurs and limiting damage is an important and difficult skill.

I have been practising tai chi chuan almost daily. I need to make this more routine, perhaps moving tai chi to the mornings. I’ve also been working out with tae bo, a much more intense activity that I cannot keep up every day. If I can manage to do tae bo 3-4 evenings a week as well, I’ll be doing as perfectly as possible.

Some habits are hard to break. I get up early in the morning, but I don’t really get moving for an hour or two afterward. The habit of morning Tai Chi will be a good undertaking, but I have a rule requiring daily practice (with no more than one day off per week).

My body has been responding to both practices. Tai chi has seen some response in my right knee. I absolutely must turn with my waist, not the knee (not even a little). The knee is a hinge and must only move in the direction of my pointed toes. Tae Bo has seen more positive pain. The last few days have seen me with ab pain all over my torso. I attempted a set that was primarily ab work. Now the pain is gone, leaving me free to make another attempt. It will be the quickest way to a strong core.

This third week should see reasonable progress again, but more important is my daily practice. The more routine it gets, the closer I am to the path of mastery.